The Post-Me Days

Well, hopefully there won't be any Post-me Days. The car was so exceptionally clean, that I knew she was a keeper. Although she's wearing some sporty parts, the original '57 engine and transaxle are sitting in the garage biding time until I decide to drive her as a stock '57 - which won't be soon enough for some of my friends (Right, Dave?).

In the meantime, now that she's an "Official Toy", I can start doing some fairly extensive detailing, rebuild and detail/customize the 1776cc engine, and give her a new, shiny paint job (same colour, of course!).

The closest I plan to let her have "Post Me Days" is when my attention becomes diverted by the Split Window Beetle I hope to acquire some day. After all, what's a Bugmeister without a Split and an Oval?

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