Der Bugmeister's Wheels - Pre-Me days



The Pre-Me Days

"RB" (my car's name, apparently) was born sometime in 1957. Not being an overly glamorous car, she was a Standard sedan, painted a very Light Blue (Robin's Egg Blue?).

She was owned and driven by persons unknown on the West Coast of Canada, more likely than not residents of Vancouver Island. I have to assume that her previous drivers respected her, as there was next to no rust when I came into possession of her. There are no signs of any significant body damage, and all doors, panels, fenders etc are clean and original.

At some point, RB's exterior was repainted Dark Blue, but all other bits and pieces, including the drive train remained stock. Eventually, the tired old engine seems to have persuaded one owner to park the car in long term storage under his sundeck, and that's where my knowledge of her history picks up...

My brother originally spotted her in the "retirement home", and convinced the owner to sell. He drove her home with the original, but very tired drivetrain, and that was when I first laid eyes on my future project, although I didn't realize then that I would one day own her.

The bro was busy restoring his '59 Beetle, and after much soul searching, sold RB as part of a package deal including a 74ish Super Beetle. Her new owners had apparently been looking for an oval window as clean as this one for the past couple of years, and took her home for restoration. Unfortunately, as is so often the case, their situation changed, and they found themselves with a stripped car and no money or time to continue with the project....

At this point, my other brother stepped into the scene, and negotiated a selling price for the car, but was unable to close the deal, and passed it on to yours truly. I bought the car immediately, took her home, and went to work...

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