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For a couple years, RB and I enjoyed success in Bracket Racing. Our first win came in August 1991, following the First Annual Victoria Volksfest (RB was second in her class in the show). There were a good number of VWs competing ranging from my '57 up to a new Jetta, and the normal mix of North American muscle cars. The VW Club sponsored a prize for the last VW remaining in eliminations, and as it turned out, the Finals were two VWs - me and a Rabbit. I ran quick and close to my time forcing the Rabbit to break out....RB and I got our first trophies - one from the VW club, one from the Race organizers. The shots below are from my "victory burnout".

In the 1992 season, we placed first in another race at Western Speedway on Vancouver Island as well as a few appearances in the quarter and semi finals in other events.

Our big success that year came down at the Seattle BugNationals. I drove down with some friends, and decided to enter the Bracket Racing to see how RB would do on the quarter mile. Well, she did good enough to bring home the First Place trophy for the Street 1 class and Runner Up in "King of the Hill". I was hoping for a picture or two in the magazines, but had to settle for a couple paragraphs on the races!

Class Wins3 (in 2 years)
0-65 MPH6.8 seconds
Best 1/4 Time16.3 seconds
Best 1/4 Speed80 MPH
Best Reaction Time.003
Broken Axles2 (Stock Axles)
Prize BagA couple pounds of transmission parts

Finally, a quick note of thanks to Peter Beltgens and Bow-Wow Autoparts for their sponsorship while I was actively racing, and the support I've enjoyed since 1986!

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