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On the Road Again

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'57 Front View - 17kFront Quarter View - 31k57 Rear View - 17k

After a few late nights (okay, a lot of late nights), the much anticipated moment arrived...the first drive. (Insert Tim Allen grunts here). It was about 11 pm, my brother and I had finished enough to go on the road (yeah, there were a few things left to do, but...).

Start her up...sounds good! Put her in gear...feels good! Get out on the highway! The first drive was like a dream - the car handled beautifully (for a Bug!), and the vibes I got from her were perfect. This one's a keeper!

Rear end shot, door open - 21k

So it came to be that me and the "car with no name" became regulars on our city's streets. The name "RB" didn't come to the car for a couple years - you can't name a car like this just anything! The origin could be from one of two nicknames...Red Beard (my nickname amongst some) or Rusty Bumper, which was on the front (one of those lovely, high quality Brazilian jobs that started rusting after 2 months). Either way, the name seems to fit and I haven't heard any complaints from RB about it!

Engine - 27k

The two of us have had a lot of fun on the road - cruising with other Bugs she knows (and there are a lot of them!), irritating the Police (don't do that anymore...), Bracket Racing and almost winning in local VW Shows. After about three years of almost daily use, I moved to "long distance commuting" distance from work. Not wanting to put that kind of mileage on her, I bought a small truck and elevated her to Official "Toy" Status.

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